How we help train operators

Train blurred moving through a station

Train operators need a supplier that understand the cost and margin pressure on their operation and the importance of sweating every asset to remain profitable, while still placing paramount importance on safety requirements.

To meet these requirements, operators have to ensure that their equipment is clean, maintained and functioning at optimal levels. One of the ways to achieve this is by using a gold standard metal washing solution. 

How We Help

Our cleaning technology and service we are told is second to none, so we can give you peace of mind by resolving your issues of corrosion, oxidation, and dirt buildup on engines, castings and bogies, brakes, bolts and more. 

We appreciate how a small component can hold up a large job, quality is essential. Reducing downtime for maintenance, and decreasing operating costs is an industry priority. The efficiency of a parts cleaning system is therefore essential, as completely removing lubricants, contaminants and coolants from intricate components is an enormous challenge, and full inspections and maintenance isn’t possible without that.

We want to offer you solutions that go beyond legislative requirements and give you complete peace of mind from both from a compliance and safety perspective.


Maximising / Extending Asset Life
Network rail for example have very specific policies and goals when it comes to asset management – they consider customer safety, efficiency, tax payer return and longevity of operations when managing and maintaining assets – it is therefore important to extend asset life but in the context of those requirements. We understand this and how it translates to the whole industry.

Tight Cost Control
Cleanliness is essential as part of cost control, minute traces of contamination can have huge cost implications – both in terms of labour and potential scrapping of material. An ability to extend the maintenance intervals, reducing the maintenance costs and increasing the overall productivity is a key consideration, that extends to our own maintenance schedule, as well as our client’s own MRO activities. 

Our tanks are designed to keep operating consumption costs down, and with maximum tank capacity to extend fluid life, service and labour costs are reduced.

Improved Safety
Safety is an overriding consideration in the transport industry as a whole. People’s lives depend on the smallest of components performing to a maximum and being totally flawless. Inspection of each constituent component at the highest possible level is essential.

Our machines have added safety features and our trusted aqueous cleaning solutions mean minimum VOCs, and our product is not classed as hazardous versus solvent alternatives.

Environmental Benefits
We help you remain compliant – Legislation Directives and Waste Requirements (Solvents Emission Directive, Industrial Emission Directive and the Waste Framework Directive). We can support you with your Environmental Management System (EMS) as part of your compliance process to help you win contracts. 

We were the first to introduce aqueous technology into the UK and are proud of our environmental credentials.


We share many of your goals when it comes to cost control, safety and the environment. To find out more about how we can help visit our Rail page and download our Rail brochure.