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Closeup of wheel being washed in Aqueous solution

What Our Technicians Say

“Perfect for when a variety of materials require cleaning. Plus, the benefits of aqueous means minimum VOCs, and the product is not classed as hazardous vs solvent alternatives.”

Manual Aqueous – Highly effective, solvent-free parts washing

Our highly effective, non-hazardous aqueous solutions offer you the targeted cleaning you would expect from an industry leading parts washing provider. Our machines are able to remove even the most stubborn dirt and soiling, quickly and easily. Plus, a manual aqueous parts washer means you can ensure operational efficiency with visual inspection, whilst saving time and money with our low-energy, recirculating detergent.

Aqueous cleaning solutions reduce environmental impact and legislative impact on your business. Metalwash’s aqueous cleaning solutions meet the most demanding and diverse of parts washing requirements. Speak to us today about the aqueous cleaning solution that is right for you.

Ideal for – small component volume, where visual inspection is required, and where you only have a small machine footprint.

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Metalwash Parts Washing priorities list

Meeting your priorities

✔️ Regular component cleaning keeps machines running

✔️ Operator not exposed to solvents

✔️ Highly effective solvent free, biodegradable detergent cleaning
✔️ Low energy heating
✔️ Recirculating detergent reduces waste

✔️ Inspection while cleaning contributes to asset life

✔️ In-built soak tank for stubborn soils

✔️ Low-cost cleaning

What Our Sales Advisors Say

“All our machines and services are designed to make your operation as compliant as possible. We offer environmental cleaning solutions, reduce our service visits, and maintain the highest possible commitment to waste reduction.”

Metalwash parts washing machine

What Our Sales Advisors Say

“Every aspect of our product and service considers your reputation and ours. Tanks are always fully cleaned, and the efficiency and speed of our machines means no delays are passed on to the customer.”

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Metalwash Manual Aqueous cleaning station
Metalwash SUMO modular spray gun washer close-up
Metalwash spray gun cleaning station
Close-up of Metalwash spray gun cleaning station
Metalwash Spray gun cleaning station
Items being secured for parts washing
Metalwash Pressure Washer machine
Close-up of controls on Metalwash Spray Gun Cleaner
Inside the Metalwash Auto Aqueous parts washer
Close-up of Metalwash parts washer solvent saver
Metalwash Auto Aqueous parts washer
Safety notices on Metalwash Auto Aqueous parts cleaner
Metalwash Auto Aqueous parts washer
Manual Aqueous cleaning parts close-up
Metalwash dip tank cleaning station
Close-up of Metalwash Ultrasonic cleaner timer
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  • Low environmental impact
  • Higher safety margin
  • Powerful cleaning in hard to reach places
  • Less legislative impact on your business (e.g. Solvent Emission Directive)

When you choose Metalwash you have the reassurance that you are choosing parts washing solutions that are kinder to the environment. For over 25 years we have been offering powerful aqueous solutions to clean a diverse set of components.

We understand the demands on your business for sustainable production and we invest in the technologies that support your aims.