Direct quotes from our October 2020 NPS Survey

“Great quality equipment, easy to deal with, friendly service.”

Compliance & HR Manager

“Clean and Tidy units which take up minimal space.
If we have any issues they are always attended to in a timely fashion.”

General Manager

“Prompt service from technicians.”

Production Manager

“A very personal service”

General Manager

“Speed and efficiency, product quality and capability”

Pump Services Manager

“Fast efficient service.  Maintenance contract runs smoothly.”

General Manager

“Having worked with Metalwash for many years. We really value the service and support.”

General Manager

“Prompt communication and service, competitive pricing.”

Purchasing Manager

“Service has never faulted in the 19 years that I have been dealing with the company, very reasonable price. “

General Manager

Why Metalwash is your Parts Washing Partner

Companies can always write great reasons why you should work with them, but what genuinely matters to us is what our customers say about our services. In many industries a Net Promoter Score of 30 is considered good, so we are extremely proud of the fact we scored 74 in a recent independent NPS Survey.*

In fact, none of our customers scored us below an 8 out of 10 when asked how likely they were to recommend our services to others, with over half of those surveyed scoring 10 out of 10. We know the true value of word of mouth and we know how important it is to continually meet the high expectations our customer have of us.

*Conducted October 2020.
Gold number 74 Net Promoter Score

What Our People Say

“After our customers, we are proud about what our employees have to say about the company, and the value that they place on great customer relationships. 

We look to make everything easier, simpler contracts, expert and friendly service, high quality environmentally friendly products and the highest possible level or service both onsite and offsite.”

Worker in hat and googles visually inspecting metal cog

What Our Sales Advisors Say

“My job is not to make any recommendations until I fully understand your processes, the components and contaminants you need to clean, the number of operators you have, your systems, space available and how parts washing, or spray gun cleaning may impact on critical aspects of your business. You can rely my expertise to recommend the most cost effective and efficient service solution for your business”

What Our Technicians Say

“I like visiting customers, but know you are getting the best possible service when you don’t need to see me, or my visits are infrequent. My job is to make sure our unique Vacuum Tankers remove every last drop of sludge and silt from our machines, ensuring they are really clean. This means less visits and a lower cost contract. And if I do visit for a repair, I know that I need to do all I can to ensure your machine is repaired on the spot, that I turn up immediately and that I get your operations running with minimum downtime. You can rely on my expertise and speed of service.”

Workers on factory floor looking at clipboard
Smiling office worker on mobile phone sat at desk

What Accounts & Admin Departments Say

“We offer a premium service, but not at a premium price. We make our contracts extremely transparent and so is our pricing and they are always based on a full assessment of your needs. We offer you complete peace of mind and look for longevity in all our customer relationships. We pride ourselves on our integrity and being nice people to do business with.”

What We Guarantee – Our Promise To You

Our Promise – we offer the most effective parts washing solutions for your business, so you can trust your machines to operate continuously with total peace of mind.

We take care of the delivery and full installation to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. Our expert installation teams have all the knowledge and experience to install your new machine quickly and effectively!

Our excellent maintenance and replenishment package is included in your rental agreement – which means we are on hand to assess, repair and re-supply any time you need us – minimising production downtime.


We start with machine choice and then specify a service package that meets all your needs and objectives. To choose the best machine for your needs, consider how much space you have, and then your people and your processes. What does the machine need to do for you?

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