SERVICE SELECTOR – Meeting your parts washing needs

From precision parts washing of small components, to large scale operations where time is critical, we have the right service for you. Our full-service approach covers all your cleaning and servicing needs including aqueous solutions, ultrasonic cleaners, high pressure washers and dip tanks. Let us take care of your parts washing needs with our best-practice, sustainable and compliant cleaning solutions, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Parts Washing Product Service Selector

Your Metalwash Technical & Sales Advisor will discuss your exact needs with you so that we can recommend the best machine, cleaning solution and visit frequency with you. Our aim is always to offer the most appropriate machine for you cleaning requirements, reduce the number of machines at your premises, and to minimise the number of service visits required.

Whatever the component type or size, whatever the contamination and however regularly you need to clean we have the answer. We offer a wide range of parts washing machine types and spray gun cleaners, we can offer solvent, although we will always look for an aqueous alternative to reduce your environmental impact.

Our service selector gives you an idea of the machines we can offer, but we are continually adding to our range and are confident we can match your exact requirements.

Choosing the right supplier

While our service selector ensures you are more informed about your choice of machine, our Insights Blog on what questions to ask when choosing a Parts Washing Supplier – helps you make the best possible assessment of suppliers – of course, we hope that once you have done due diligence the answer will always be Metalwash.

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