Parts Washers for Aggregates – Minimise your environmental impact

We understand that keeping sites operational is our priority – we help with strict maintenance regimes and place importance on safety and green credentials.

We understand your priorities and processes and we listen to your specific requirements before recommending the best service contract and products for you.

Manual cleaning parts washing

Discussing Priorities

We know you need to reduce the chance of costly breakdowns of expensive equipment, and to ensure sites are operating at maximum capacity while maintaining the highest safety standards.

We know the importance you place on extending asset life under harsh working condition and the need to reduce MRO costs.

We appreciate the industry places a lot of emphasis on environmental measures and compliance.

Helping with Processes

Just a few examples of where we can help:

  • Part of your Repair & Maintenance Programme of heavy quarry machinery and construction vehicle components exposed to the elements.

  • Parts cleaning and spray gun cleaners that not only use safer cleaning technology but are designed to ensure operator flexibility and minimum downtime.

  • Metalwash are committed to minimising their customers environmental impact and incorporate that philosophy into all their machine technology and services.

We work across all the following sectors and beyond. Call us now on  01285 762941 to speak to one of our experts.

Understanding What You Want from a Supplier

Is this how you see it?

“A supplier who proactively works with quarry workshops to reduce overall MRO costs and keeps operations running smoothly.”

“Managing purchasing for multiple sites where machinery has significant wear and tear and safety is paramount, places considerable pressure to find a reliable supplier that wants to help control costs, reduce downtime and improve/maintain the company’s safety record.”

“Supplier that understands legislation compliance and does all they can to ensure safe working practices and meet waste directives.”

Our experienced sales advisors understand the pressures you are under and work in partnership with you, so that we can offer you the best possible service.

Metalwash paint gun parts washer close up
Heavy plant machinery in a quarry

Ways We Add Value

  • We keep sites operational, costs low and safety levels high – our machines are reliable, require minimum maintenance, and operate as energy efficiently as possible. We work to reduce your downtime and help you control costs as a result of less service visits.

  • We work with you to extend asset life and reduce costly downtime. Our trained technicians can fix problems on site and train operators on how to effectively clean parts. The aqueous solutions we offer not only ensure excellent cleaning, they provide a safe working environment and help you remain compliant, while reducing your carbon footprint.

For easy sharing or off-line reading, why not download our aggregates specific brochure which includes all the information on this page.