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Parts Washing Machines from a Trusted Partner

At Metalwash we make removing dirt easier. We offer best in class, robust technology, provide simpler contracts and deliver flexible service schedules that you know you can trust. We want to offer you the best parts washing solution for your business – sharing our extensive knowledge and continually innovating to meet your needs. We are responsive and always easy to work with, so that we can give you the best value for money service in the industry.

Our customers are as diverse as the components we clean. With over 25 years of experience, we know that whatever industry you are in we can help you maintain robust productivity targets, exceed stringent safety and environmental targets and in some small part help you to retain your customers. We pride ourselves on listening to you and drawing on our industry experience to offer you a service that is just right for you. 

With approved chemistry and a ever increasing range of machines, our business has gone from strength to strength, while our reputation for customer service has remained consistently unbeatable.

Our growing network of service centres, means we can offer a comprehensive nationwide parts washing service.

Take a look at our video, to see the technology we employ to guarantee you a quality service. We believe the answer to your part washing requirements is clear – Metalwash Ltd. – the journey continues….

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  • Low environmental impact
  • Higher safety margin
  • Powerful cleaning in hard to reach places
  • Less legislative impact on your business (e.g. Solvent Emission Directive)

When you choose Metalwash you have the reassurance that you are choosing parts washing solutions that are kinder to the environment. For over 25 years we have been offering powerful aqueous solutions to clean a diverse set of components.

We understand the demands on your business for sustainable production and we invest in the technologies that support your aims.

What our sales advisors say

“My job is not to make any recommendations until I fully understand your processes, the components and contaminants you need to clean, the number of operators you have, your systems, space available and how parts washing, or spray gun cleaning may impact on critical aspects of your business. You can rely on my expertise to recommend the most cost effective and efficient service solution for your business.”