Choosing the right parts washing machine

Metalwash technician servicing a machine at customers

When it comes to choosing the right parts washing machine there are a number of factors to consider. Of course the Metalwash Team will be able to guide you. We can offer bespoke machines for your business and discuss the best cleaning technology. Still it is always a good idea to understand what influences the decision.

Much of decision making resolves around these key questions

  1. The material to be cleaned
  2. The design / intricacy of the part
  3. The size of the part
  4. The dirt / contaminant you are removing
  5. The number of parts requiring cleaning at any given time
  6. The need for manual inspection
  7. The level of cleanliness required
  8. The space available for the parts washer
  9. Cleaning cycle time

Let’s take a look at the different machines and how they might impact our discussions with you.

Manual Aqueous

Suitable when a small number of components are being cleaned. Especially good when visual inspection is important while cleaning. Also if you have a variety of materials require cleaning. While we can offer solvent the advantages here are minimum VOCs, and the cleaning solution is not classed as hazardous versus solvent alternatives. Learn more.

Automatic Aqueous

The choice here on size of machine are enormous but as a basic guide. Automatic Aqueous is a perfect solution when you have a large number of components that need cleaning in a short period of time. These are often bulky and difficult to hold. This is the perfect solution as well when there are a variety of materials that require cleaning. The added bonus to this is it is a great solution when minimising operator cleaning time is essential to operations (plus the benefits of aqueous). Learn more.

High Pressure Washer

This is again a manual operation but with the added advantage of speed and powerful cleaning efficiency. Ideal where there are a large number of components but visual inspection is required during the cleaning process. Learn more.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

For industries where precise parts cleaning is essential before surface treatment or final assembly. An ultrasonic parts washer cleans using sonically generated pressure waves that agitate the cleaning fluid at a very high velocity, making it perfect for cleaning components with blind holes and recesses and threaded elements. Learn more.

To help you further use our Selector Guide or better still give us a call and we will give you a free of charge consultation on the best solution.