Parts Washing for the Auto Services Industry – Reduce downtime, increase revenue

We have solutions for body shop specialists, wheel refurbishment specialists, and technical workshops. We respect the fact downtime equals lost revenue and we understand the importance you place on the end result for your customers.

We understand your priorities and processes and we listen to your specific requirements before recommending the best service contract and products for you.

Spray washer cleaning oil from parts

Discussing Priorities

We know ensuring equipment is highly effective at all times is core to minimising the need for rework.

We understand the environmental and regulatory responsibilities placed on your service sector and a need to continually reduce your carbon footprint to minimise costs.

Reputation is essential for repeat business and this applies to individual customers as well as insurance companies.

Helping with Processes

Just a few examples of where we can help:

  • Removing the high petroleum build-up from components and the tools used to repair them.

  • Degreasing turbos, cylinder heads, crank housing, engine blocks, starter motors, alternators or gearboxes. Injector bodies and fuel pumps.

  • Providing a paint gun cleaner designed to remove all contaminants and reduce costs through consuming minimal resources (energy, cleaners and labour) and reducing waste output.

  • Benzyl aluminium car alloy stripper, a preferrable option to using strong acid.Remove coatings from shipped parts.

We work across all the following sectors and beyond. Call us now on  01285 762941 to speak to one of our experts.

Understanding What You Want from a Supplier

Is this how you see it?

“A supplier that helps keep costs to a minimum and help ensure the business is profitable, by providing quality, easy to use equipment with strong sustainability credentials”

“A supplier that understands the demands of a busy workshop, where rework and poor-quality output are not an option.”

“A supplier that partners in implementing improvements in operating efficiency, people capabilities and customer satisfaction, one that helps in the implementation of a H&S culture.”

Our experienced sales advisors understand the pressures you are under and work in partnership with you, so that we can offer you the best possible service.

Close up of spray gun visual inspection
Auto bodyshop mechanic using spray gun

Ways We Add Value

  • We work to ensure your performance is never compromised and you are able to complete jobs efficiently and on time. Our machines and maintenance schedules support the service and quality that your customers demand of you, so you can deliver a service you can be proud of.

  • We work with you to fix problems on the spot, minimise any downtime and train your operatives to get the most out of any machine. We make your compliance and health and safety decisions easier.

  • Our cleaning technology for our own machines is second to none – the system reduces the need for additional cleaning and reduces workshop spillages – we reduce your downtime and help you control costs as a result of less service visits.

  • We make our contracts with you simpler and more transparent than others in our industry. We ensure that our service schedule is based on when you really need us, so you can control costs and minimise downtime.


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