Parts Washers for Oil & Gas – Maintain the safest standards

We help you maintain the safest possible working environment whether you are operating upstream or downstream.

We understand your priorities and processes and we listen to your specific requirements before recommending the best service contract and products for you.

Parts being washed with spray gun

Discussing Priorities

Your environment is pressurised, and you want to be confident that the MRO process runs as smoothly as possible.

Meeting a complex array of targets around production efficiency, environmental impact and safety.

Helping with Processes

Just a few examples of where we can help:

  • In addition to cleaning components, valves and precision tools, a parts washer is an essential parts washer for keeping pigging equipment operating properly
  • ATEX compliant parts cleaning systems.
  • Clean and prepare surfaces for testing, maintenance, repair or repainting.
  • Removing heavy bitumen and oil build-up to surface preparation for non-destructive testing in upstream, midstream and downstream environments.

We work across all the following sectors and beyond. Call us now on  01285 762941 to speak to one of our experts.

Understanding What You Want from a Supplier

Is this how you see it?

“A supplier that understands the importance of compliant machinery that reduces the industries’ carbon footprint and associated costs.”

“A supplier that works with procurement to meet targets – production, safety record, waste compliance. Helps procurement exceed the Oil & Gas Authority (OAG) expectations for production efficiency, operating costs and decommissioning costs.”

Our experienced sales advisors understand the pressures you are under and work in partnership with you, so that we can offer you the best possible service.

Large metal pipework on oil & gas platform
Metalwash pressure washer controls

Ways We Add Value

  • We appreciate that you need to make a high-risk environment as safe as possible at all times. We understand that this need extends to the machines used, the solutions employed, and the waste generated by our parts washing equipment.

  • Our cleaning technology for our own machines is second to none – the system reduces the need for additional cleaning and reduces workshop spillages – we reduce your downtime and help you control costs as a result of less service visits.

  • We make our contracts with you simpler and more transparent than others in our industry. We ensure that our service schedule is based on when you really need us, so you can control costs and minimise downtime.

For easy sharing or off-line reading, why not download our oil and gas specific brochure which includes all the information on this page.