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We work across a diverse range of sectors, while never forgetting that each customer has unique needs. Our trained Sales Advisors fully audit your business to understand those needs, before recommending the right machine and service plan for you. 

Here are just some examples of the industries our technology is designed to help. Learn more about how we meet the priorities placed on different industries and then please call us to discuss how we can help you.

Want to share how we can help your industry with colleagues before you call us? Simply click on the download PDF icon or read more online by clicking on the image of your industry.


Automotive repair work being carried out on coach tire
Metalwash Freight & Haulage pdf download
Close-up of aircraft wheels on the ground
Metalwash Aerospace Industry pdf download
Train wheels close-up
Metalwash Rail Industry pdf download
Roller on fibreglass for boat building
Metalwash Boat Building pdf download
Inside a coach engine
Metalwash Bus & Coach pdf download
Close-up of tracks on heavy machinery
Metalwash Aggregate Industry pdf download

Industrial Engineering

Machinery inside an auto manufacturing plant
Metalwash Automotive Industry pdf download
Oil & gas parts being inspected by a worker
Tire of parked plane
Metalwash Defence pdf download

Hi-tech Industries


Spray gun in use
Metalwash Auto Services pdf download

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