The importance to MRO of effective metal washing

Man inspecting a component

Many people don’t fully appreciate the vital role MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) activities play in keeping supply chains and other manufacturing processes running smoothly. A failure to routinely maintain, repair and overhaul systems can cripple a business as well as reducing asset life.

It is also true to say that many businesses underestimate the amount they spend on MRO products over the course of a year. Extending asset life is part of the equation, but controlling labour costs associated with maintaining production components can’t be underestimated either.

If we were to list all the ways a manufacturing business can save money, it is true to say metal washing will undoubtedly have an impact. In a competitive environment cost control is vital, and at Metalwash we focus not only on the technology and machines that guarantee the removal of expensive contaminants (and how our machines can minimise operation costs), but also a service plan that reduces the MRO spend requirements overall.

Metal washing itself is not only about removing contaminants from existing components, the process of machining metal of any kind will require the application of various lubricants to the machinery (as well as the chemicals used to treat the metal itself). Plus added to this, are the impurities that come from the environment, where the process is taking place. Those chemicals, oils, and greases will leave residue on the final product, which can cause problems when that component is added to the company’s processes, or if it requires painting before use.

An obvious advantage to metal component cleaning is that it can help to extend asset life. Over time, contaminants such as oil and rust can accumulate on metal parts, causing them to corrode and weaken. Effective metal washing means parts are less likely to corrode and fail, which can improve their durability and reduce the need for replacement.

We have already mentioned painting components. The equipment here is also a consideration. Painting is often part of a strict maintenance regime, as well as showcasing the importance a business places on appearance. Having reliable machines to clean painting equipment means painting equipment retains it high performance levels, and the labour time associated with this process is minimised. This is another area where Metalwash can help, we offer spray gun cleaners.

And what about some of the hidden costs, an obvious one is Health & Safety. The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act, requires employers to ensure employees are operating in a safe environment – maintaining components within the production process is an essential part of this, as is choosing machinery that incorporates safety as standard. This is also where Metalwash’s aqueous technology comes to the fore. Not only providing health and safety benefits, (not forgetting the cost implications on businesses of not minimising their environmental impact), but also reducing the cost on the environment overall.