The economics of a parts washing service

Metal pound signs being washed to represent the economics of a parts washing model

A cost saving model for success 

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, the significance of parts washing systems often goes unnoticed. Yet, these systems play a crucial role in maintaining equipment efficiency, ensuring product quality, and contributing substantially to the economic performance of manufacturing operations. Metalwash’s business model, focusing on providing parts washing machines at client sites with tailored service intervals, adds real value to how these essential systems are integrated into manufacturing processes.

The cost-effectiveness of Metalwash’s model:

Businesses may consider purchasing parts washing systems outright, leading to significant upfront costs and often mismatched service needs. Metalwash’s approach eliminates these issues by installing machines at client sites and charging for service intervals based on actual usage. This model aligns perfectly with the varied demands of different manufacturing sectors, ensuring that each client pays only for what they need, thus optimising operational costs.

The strategic importance of parts washers:

The cleaning of parts is not merely a routine task but a critical component of manufacturing maintenance. Costs associated with parts washing can range significantly, impacting the bottom line. Automated parts washing systems can substantially reduce the time and labour involved in cleaning, translating into direct savings and operational efficiencies.

Advancements in automatic parts washing:

Our automatic parts washing systems are designed to handle a wide range of contaminants, crucial for industries demanding high cleanliness standards like aerospace and automotive. These systems use a combination of chemical action, contact time, impact, and heat, efficiently cleaning parts while minimising manual labour and chemical use.

Customisation and integration:

Metalwash’s systems offer customisation to meet specific industry needs. Whether dealing with complex components or specific cleanliness standards, their ability to integrate seamlessly into existing production lines enhances their value, providing seamless operation and maintenance.

Long-term economic benefits:

The economic benefits of Metalwash’s model extend beyond the initial installation. Reduced labour costs, lower chemical usage, decreased downtime due to maintenance, and extended equipment life are just a few of the long-term advantages. Moreover, environmental benefits through reduced waste and safer working conditions align with sustainability goals.


Metalwash’s approach, with its focus on flexibility, efficiency, and customisation, offers a practical, economically viable solution for today’s savvy procurement managers, business owners, and manufacturing operations managers.

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